Young Christian cult leader with brittle bone disorder inspires and gives hope with new album



When Taylor Carpenter, 19-year-old artist and cult music leader, was born, her family had to carry her on a big pillow. Without any prior knowledge, it was discovered that she was suffering from a congenital bone disease, osteogenesis imperfecta, or “brittle bones”.

People with OI are born with defective connective tissue or without the ability to make it, usually due to a deficiency of type I collagen.

Carpenter recently described his condition to the Christian Post. “Basically my bones are very weak. Due to this defect I am in a wheelchair. I am also very short and have to rely on others more than I would like,” she said. declared. “My condition causes my bones to form differently, so I had to undergo several lapping operations on my legs, arms and back.”

She added: “My brain works like everyone else.”

Earlier this year, Carpenter released his debut album, “Washed Away,” with 10 songs. A video (below) of the featured song “Washed Away” has also been released. By all accounts, the response to his music and his inspiring testimony have already touched many lives.

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“A few years ago, Carpenter auditioned to be part of a student-led worship team of which I was the worship director,” guitarist and worship leader Deven Berryhill told CP. “Taylor showed immense talent and a heart to serve the Lord, but we felt that God had something more for her.

“About six months after the audition, Taylor caught up with me to tell me that she had written a song,” Berryhill explained. “She asked if I had a moment to listen to one of her songs. Like a small tornado, she rushed to her car, grabbed her guitar and turned around to play me a song called ‘I Need You’. I liked the song, but was really inspired by her passion and enthusiasm. A few weeks later, I invited her to my studio to record a demo of the song. The song ended up sounding pretty good. “

He adds, “Taylor is an incredible songwriter and worship leader who has overcome tremendous obstacles to function in this world, let alone record an album. She is a testament to the great and mighty things God can do. through an individual who trusts in the Lord – whatever the circumstances. “

For her part, Carpenter, who leads worship for high school ministry at Horizons Christian Fellowship Church in Clairemont, San Diego County, said that to do more than just get through the day, she needs to have her quiet time in the morning.

“I also pray and thank God for each new day of my life and for my amazing family. If I experience pain during the day, I will usually stop what I’m doing and pray to her to get rid of it, or if it persists, take some non-aspirin, ”she explains. “I have a very high pain tolerance and bone pain every day, but God gives me strength every day. “

Carpenter said she saw God working specifically through her to encourage Christians and non-believers. From the stage, she saw many tears from her audience during performances and in meetings afterwards.

“They are extremely moved by my attitude and my joy despite my situation and my handicap,” she said. “It helps give a better perspective to the trials or issues they are facing. They tell me how encouraged they are by my music, and that I am blessed to have a great voice and incredible musical talent. Since I released my CD, many have purchased several CDs so that they can share my music with their friends, they are very encouraging, and it is a blessing to hear what God is doing through my music and my testimony.

Carpenter said his ministry is to lead worship and public speaking.

“I go wherever people ask me, so I find a lot of loving churches with great people,” she said. “Right now, I plan to follow God wherever He wants to take me. I hope to write more songs, and maybe even make more albums. I know God has plans for my future, that is why I trust him to guide my career where he wants to take it. “

When asked why she thinks her songs are described by some as hopeful, Carpenter said she believed the songs she wrote were given to her by Jesus.

“Since Jesus is our one and only true source of love, strength, hope and peace, these songs come from a pure and honest place in my heart that comes out when I sing. When I sing, the Holy One Spirit sings through me and touches people’s hearts and gives them hope, ”she explained.

Berryhill added, “Taylor is a compassionate songwriter who uses her gift of music to communicate an honest love for God and an inspiring message. Her story is simply miraculous.”

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