Youcat for Kids: a catechism for little Catholics



Youcat for Kids is a new book that teaches children about the Catholic faith. It is presented in a fun and accessible way that can be used by the whole family.

This family has found the Youcat for Kids to be particularly helpful in answering questions their children have asked.

“You can take this book, open it, and just read the questions; take a look at it though with your children. First off what you can see are all the fun illustrations and I mean it’s really fun watching this book with your kids.

The book is not only useful for families, but it can also be used by pastoral workers in teaching children and adults.

“Each pastoral worker can use this book very well, even for himself or also to catechize the children …”

Youcat, short for Catechism for Young People of the Catholic Church, began during World Youth Day 2011. It is an accessible and contemporary expression of the Catholic faith that was originally written for high school students and young adults. Later, the Youcat and Docat Bible on Church Social Doctrine were published.

Now, with this new book, he can help answer both big and small questions children may have about the Catholic Faith. Pope Francis praised it and encouraged families to get one: “Youcat for Kids is suitable for children and parents to spend time together and, in doing so, to discover more and more the love of God. », He wrote in the introduction.

CEO of the Youcat Foundation
“We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out what questions need to be answered and explained, and I also think the more you try to answer young people, the more complicated it is to say in simple but correct words. “

It was recently published in English at the World Meeting of Families in Ireland and will soon be available in dozens of other languages.



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