WordGo free Bible study app designed to get people into the Word of God, keep them engaged


Whether it’s starting a Bible study or challenging yourself with daily scripture readings, there’s a new free Bible app that has it all.

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) has created and supports the new app called WordGowhich provides tools, resources and training to hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries.

The purpose of the app is to get people into the word of God and then keep them engaged, according to BSF.

The user-friendly app delivers daily Scriptures, Reflection Questions, and Bible Commentaries straight to your phone.

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Users can study the word of God on their own or invite their friends to a WordGo Bible study. Everything you need is in the app. You can start a band, lead a band, and grow together as a band.

The WordGo app provides personalized study plans, audio resources, and even helpful reminders. The app also offers two-week, four-week, five-week, and six-week study courses.

The app even offers group Bible study for churches.

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is a worldwide ministry spanning 60 years of interdenominational Bible courses serving more than 350,000 class members on six continents in more than 40 countries. To learn more about BSF, visit their website.

What is Word Go? Watch the video below:

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