Volunteers Offer Community Bible Study | Local news



“The studies are designed and written to be inclusive,” said Poe. “Which means someone who’s never opened a Bibles before can sit next to a doctorate in Bible studies, and they’ll both be on the same level. “

Poe said they achieve this through daily readings that keep everyone on the same page.

“The studies are divided into daily sections,” he said. “Usually every day, five days a week, there is one passage and then five or six questions. The questions are written in such a way that anyone can draw the answers directly from the verses themselves.

In addition to creating a program that engages people of all levels of education and experience, Poe also said that Bible study classes are available for all age groups, from infants to older adults.

“It’s designed for all ages to study the same,” he said. “That way when families have dinner together or at home, they can all share the discussion about what they studied that week, because everyone studied the same thing. “

The Morganton Chapter of Community Bible Study will include a new program for the deaf community. Poe said the leaders and translators are already in place for the ministry of the deaf and they have developed a new program specifically for the deaf community.



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