Virginia couple threatened with eviction for hosting Bible study reach deal with apartment complex



A couple from Virginia who say they were threatened with eviction for hosting Bible studies in their apartment have settled their case with the apartment complex.

According to Faithwire, Kenneth and Liv Hauge can now organize Bible studies in the community hall or in their apartment at their retirement home in Virginia.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, the couple said their apartment threatened to evict them for hosting Bible studies in 2018. First Liberty has filed a complaint trial on behalf of the couple, claiming that such a ban violated their right to freedom of religion.

The couple signed a new lease as part of the settlement.

“The regulations provide that the policy which prohibited all religious activity in the community hall is repealed, which means that anyone, not just the Bible study, who wishes to organize an event has equal access regardless of the religious content,” the couple’s lawyer said. , Lea Patterson, told reporters.

The apartment complex has not commented on the settlement, but a previously released statement said the eviction was “in no way based on [the couple’s]religious beliefs and / or practices.

In a notice to the couple, the apartment said the Hauges “violated the terms of your lease by engaging in behavior that has caused and continues to cause serious and substantial unrest with other residents of the community. . “.

The advisory calls on the Hauge to “cease all business operations” in their home and community, including Bible study classes, religious film screenings and “counseling” sessions as “business operations “prohibited.

In July, Kenneth said he was disappointed “that the company is developing such a discriminatory policy against the particularly Christian faith community.”

But this week, Kenneth, who is a former minister, said he was happy with the settlement.

“It’s just a great relief to have this behind us and to be able to move forward,” he said.

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