Toronto cardinal rebukes Catholic school board members for banning catechism reading


Dizon began quoting paragraph 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which describes homosexual acts as “inherently disordered”. The next paragraph of the Catechism goes on to state that people with same-sex attraction “should be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

Administrator Norm Di Pasquale interrupted Dizon as he quoted the passage, saying Dizon’s comments were “walking in dangerous waters” and “repressing a marginalized and vulnerable community.”

Martino agreed, adding that “I must warn the delegate that some of the language I think is not appropriate.”

The special session of the school board has been called to consider whether to censure Michael Del Grande, an administrator who last year objected to the board’s decision to add the terms gender identity, gender expression, status family and marital status to its code of conduct as protected categories.

At a November 2019 board meeting, Del Grande criticized the board’s decision to add the protected categories by proposing, facetiously, that the board also add behaviors such as pedophilia and bestiality in as protected categories.

The Catholic school board, after hearing testimony for and against Del Grande’s censorship, ultimately decided to censor him for “disrespectful behavior towards the [LGBT] community as a whole and the [school board]community.”


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