“These friends are precious to me” – how starting a Chinese Bible study brought 8 people to faith


It started with organizing a Bible study in English and Mandarin during the lockdown.

Amy Li, LLM at Christ Church Southgate, was able to help lead 8 of her friends to be confirmed in November 2021.

“These friends are precious to me, I wanted to start this so that we can build each other up and strengthen our faith along the journey.”

The group, UK Amazing Grace Fellowship, is made up of Chinese people, some new to the Christian faith and many different faiths within it.

Each week, they read the scriptures and share among themselves what God reveals to them through the biblical passage.

“We used the word of God to explain all the doubt the band members may have struggled with and they believed because the word of God is like a double-edged sword.”

Amy encouraged her friends to join the community of Christ Church Southgate. Then, when the opportunity to be confirmed presented itself, nearly half the group stepped forward.

“I have been blessed by the Holy Spirit; I’m just doing a bit of what I can.”

Amy also expressed her gratitude to her vicar, Fr Chrichton Limbert and his church, and Bishop Rob Wickham for their encouragement and support.

The UK Amazing Grace Fellowship continues to meet every Tuesday on Zoom. For more information on how to join, contact Amy here.


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