The photo of Jey Mammon and China Suárez in catechism class


Apparently, Eugenia “China” Suarez He was organizing his photos this weekend. Not only did he share some that show where he inherited his Japanese blood from, but he also found other postcards equally endearing.

“Completely UNPUBLISHABLE photo @chinasuarez just passed me,” he said. Jey Mammon, which a few minutes later propagate the memory in question. “Thank you @chinasuarez for this beautiful memory of when I was your catechist. It’s a play that I wrote and directed when I thought it was the religious Pepito Cibrián“, he joked.

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Top left, Jey Mammon. Bottom right, China Suárez. (Picture: capture)

Before becoming famous, Juan Martín Rago studied in a Catholic school and was a catechist. He met the actress when she was a student at the Corazón de María school.

In an interview he explains his role linked to religion: “I feel that the bad was me, because I was in a place that did not belong to me. It was a process, it’s not that overnight I said to myself ‘this is not for me’. I realized that my identity in general had nothing to do with the Catholic religion.

Although he does not regret anything, he admitted that it was not easy at the time because he went through all the states until at some point he let go. “I was a catechist and you can leave. I had a guest overdose“, for real.

‘He didn’t understand anything’: Jey Mammon reveals he gave catechism lessons to China Suárez

Jey Mammon was invited to PH, can we talk (call) and says he was a catechism teacher at Eugenia China Suarez. True to form, the driver joked about the actress, “I want to ask Jey something because I feel like it has to do with whatever happened or maybe he “There’s a family that’s broken, as Wanda said. It’s your responsibility,” accomplice Andy Kusnetzoff said.

Thus, the future driver of Morph He says that the businesswoman has stopped following him on Instagram and justifies herself: “I gave catechism lessons in China and she did not understand anything. I I explained how the ass tooit’s share “.

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Jey commented that due to his role as a catechist, he met Bergoglio before he became pope because he went to give masses at the church where he was. “I’m sure he’s also saying ‘Jey didn’t get it'”Kusnetzoff threw between laughs and he reaffirmed.



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