The perfect gifts for someone entering the Catholic Church at Easter


A thoughtful gift or handwritten card is a great way to show your love and support for our friends entering the Church.

One of the most beautiful things about Easter is the entry into the Church of all the candidates who celebrated the RCIA. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). Seeing these converts enter into the family of Christ as our new brothers and sisters is a source of joy and hope.

A great way to show our love and support for our friends entering the Church is with a thoughtful gift or handwritten card. If you want some ideas on what to give your friend or family member entering the Church this Easter, read on!

Rosary well made

A strong rosary is a perfect gift, especially with a small book or brochure on how to pray it. We are supporters of Sturdy rosaries and these pretty rosary bracelets.

catholic bible

There are many biblical options, but we believe in the The Great Adventure Catholic Bible and the Catholic Journaling Bible.

spiritual book

You have so many options here! A book about your friend’s confirmation saint is very thoughtful, or about one of the great spiritual classics that changed the lives of saints.

Holy Medal

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A medal from your friend’s new patron saint is a meaningful way to keep this heavenly friend in mind.


It’s so nice to have an easy way to join in the Universal Church Prayers from home! You can choose from several missalsor even give a gift subscription to Magnificat.


Giving your friend a mass might just be the best gift of all.


If they don’t already have one, a crucifix is ​​a perfect gift: every Catholic household needs one!

Wall plaque of a sacred image


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In addition to a crucifix, your friend might appreciate having a picture of the Sacred Heart or another sacred image to hang on their wall.

Image of their patron saint

Give a beautiful framed picture or icon of your friend’s confirmation saint.

holy water fountain

It’s such a special gift for your friend to hang on their front door.

Prayer book or devotional


There are so many great devotions and prayer books to choose from! We are supporters of Every Holy Sunday for weekly prayer and reflection related to Sunday Gospel readings.

Rosary holder

A nice box to hold rosaries or a wall hanger for rosaries would be helpful!

worship and dinner

We love the idea of ​​planning to join your friend for a holy hour together, followed by a dinner date. The Pocket Guide to Worship would be just the right gift for this occasion!

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