The pastor who organized a Bible study in praise-flooded Drag



@ stlukesLS / Facebook

A Chicago-based pastor was showered with praise after hosting a bible study group on the trail.

In photos shared on Facebook, newly ordained Pastor Aaron Musser, whose parish is at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Logan Square, could be seen teaching children the Bible while wearing a blonde wig, robe and make-up.

Speaking to Facebook, Musser wrote: “Today we reflect on what it might be like to have a dress rehearsal for the kind of joy that awaits us on the other side of Advent.”

It has been so difficult to know what that joy will be, because it has been so long since some of us have been happy. It has been two difficult and tiring years.

And I decided instead of saying to you, “This is how I want you to be merry”, as we get ready for this dress rehearsal, I thought I would put on a dress instead like so many people have done. that inspired me. I decided to follow their example, showing that liberation from oppressive laws opens the way to joy.

The Lutheran pastor, who was ordained last summer, went on to admit that “allowing yourself to feel joy can be scary,” remarking: “I wasn’t sure how the outside world would treat me when they saw me this morning. Joy is hard to feel, it is vulnerable. But isn’t it so beautiful?

Many congratulated Musser for spreading this message with one person who commented, “These photos radiate joy like a beacon calling us to the holiness of Advent.”

Another wrote that it felt like a “joyful Sunday”, while a third thanked Musser for “sharing your wonderful, beautiful, true and genuine story”.



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