The first Bible study for caregivers with dementia


Finding sanctuary amid Alzheimer’s disease provides much-needed ministry

Finding Sanctuary Amid Alzheimer’s Disease is an easy-to-lead 5-week Bible study that provides a powerful tool for serving caregivers in your congregations while providing an opportunity for other church members to “step into the caregivers’ shoes” and learn the ways to support them more effectively.

Recently listed as a #1 new release on Amazon and available at most Barnes and Noble stores, Finding Sanctuary Amid Alzheimer’s Disease is a simple yet effective way to serve caregivers in churches, retirement communities, senior centers and dementia support groups.

For more information, visit: Finding Sanctuary Amid Alzheimer’s Disease: A Ministry for Families Facing Dementia

Dr. Elizabeth Shulman has served in ministry for over 30 years as a pastor, academic researcher and hospice chaplain. For more information about her and her work, visit:

“In Find the shrine, Dr. Shulman seeks to match the gifts of church members with the needs of caring families. Each party has a responsibility to come forward. Shulman’s guide makes it possible. — The caregiver’s voice

“Finding Sanctuary Amid Alzheimer’s Disease is an excellent resource for individuals and congregations wishing to minister to this growing population…I highly recommend this resource to all pastors and local congregations! — Kenneth L. Carder, retired UMC bishop

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