The controversy surrounding the payment of tuition fees amid the COVID-19 pandemic


This led to the introduction of legislation regulating charges specific to each state. For example, in Maharashtra, the and the mandate a parent-teacher association (PTA), an executive committee and a division fee regulation committee (DFRC) to ensure the proper management and review / regulation of tuition fees. When increasing tuition fees, the school administration must submit the details to the Executive Committee at least 6 months before the next school year. By giving its approval, the Executive Committee has the power to re-decide the fees and to transmit them within 30 days of receipt of the details of the fees proposed by the school administration.

This should then be posted on the school notice board and website in English, Marathi and the respective school media. If there is any indecision on the setting of tuition fees, the case should be referred to the DFRC. Until a decision is made, management should collect the commission as in previous years, plus 15% or the proposed premium commission.

If the parents are aggrieved by the decision of the Executive Committee or the increase in the rate by the management, they can appeal to the DFRC by duly attesting to their signatures on a form within 30 days of receiving the decision. In the event of a new grievance, a new appeal may be lodged with the Review Board within 30 days, but not exceeding 60 days from receipt of the decision.


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