The Catholic Church of Schoongezicht supports the needy by running a soup kitchen


St Martin De Porris Catholic Church in Schoongezicht (Overline) has started a soup kitchen in the church.

“It’s not just for members of the Catholic Church, it’s for the community as a whole,” said one of the sponsors, Mr. Eugene Ram.

On April 1, Good Samaritans did the right work for communities by providing soup and bread to all who needed it.

According to Ram, the soup kitchen was a parish initiative, and it had been running for two years before Covid-19 and they stopped due to all the challenges they were facing.

The team took the initiative to start the soup kitchen while the schools are closed.

“Let’s support the children; we know that not all of us have a plate of food after school. At least those who don’t have one can come to the Catholic Church and take home a plate of food,” he added. “We saw a lot of unemployed people arriving with bigger containers, and the containers aren’t just for them. They take it home to support their loved ones who are not there. There are a lot of old people who were here early, and this soup kitchen started at 2:00 p.m., but by then people were already queuing, so it shows that it is something necessary. We also encourage other churches within the community to follow suit,” he added.

The soup kitchen will take place every Wednesday at the church.

According to the organizer of the event, Mr. Floyd Moodly, they will try to win around seven pots each Wednesday.

On Wednesday April 6th they will provide the Emalahleni Youth Against Substance Abuse (Eyasa) program with a pot of soup and the other week they will try to provide a pot downtown.

The goal is for all churches to work together to fight poverty in eMalahleni.

Guest pastor, Pastor Jackie Simelani of AFM Church, said, “I was impressed, it’s a good idea and I’m on board. If something is good, why not adopt it? We take it, go with it and lead it. We want to invite other churches to take this idea and follow it so that everyone can eat”.

Father Linda Zwane of St Martins De Porris Catholic Church said that to show love to the community or live out values ​​they have decided to have a soup kitchen which will look after those in need, especially children, but anyone in the community, whether Christian or not.

“So Caritas has done a good thing in witnessing that you cannot just be a Christian and pray, but you also have to do something for others to bring the love of God around you,” he said. he concluded.

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