The Catholic Church is a Welcome Community – Richard Reynolds | Letters to the Editor


Thursday’s cartoon by Phil Hands portraying Bishop Donald Hying as dismissing ‘progressives’ misses the mark entirely.

Through the continued work of Bishop Hying and our priests, Madison Catholic Church is working hard to be an inclusive church. He and the church are not perfect – no church is – but he (and the church) work daily to live their mission and support all.

Take Catholic groups such as St. Vincent De Paul, Catholic Multicultural Center, Beacon Homeless Shelter, and many others. Many “progressives” are in these groups. And they all live out Christ’s mission of love and respect for all, not just the “progressives” or the “conservatives”.

Here is an analogy with music: music is good for the soul. And many types of music (opera, jazz, rap or oldies) reach many types of people. Music “soothes the soul”, but not the same type of music for everyone.

Our the diocese has 102 parishes, including Saint Maria Goretti. Each pastor has his own way of carrying out Christ’s mission to “quiet souls”. Please don’t describe Bishop Hying as dismissing his sheep. Thank him for welcoming multiple ways to help his sheep connect with their God.

Richard ReynoldsMiddleton


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