St. Peter Claver Catholic Church Brings Peruvian Tradition in Honor of Jesus Christ to East Texas | Local News



Music, dancing, burning incense and people dressed in crimson filled the street near St. Peter Claver Catholic Church on Sunday as hundreds marched in the first procession to celebrate Señor de Los Milagros ( Lord of Miracles).

The Lord of Miracles, which is one of the oldest Catholic traditions in Peru, is celebrated each year in October with a procession in which the image of Jesus Christ crucified is carried.

Pastor of St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, Father Luis Larrea, said Sunday was the first time that a celebration of the Lord of Miracles had been held in St. Peter, in the Diocese of Tyler and in the east. from Texas.

Larrea said he has seen the celebration take place outside of Peru, including Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and other places in the United States.

It’s wonderful to bring the procession to Tyler and east Texas, he said.

“This is the first time and we are going to do it every year in October,” said Larrea. “It’s a Catholic celebration, but anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome.”

Dancers came from Dallas to perform traditional Mexican dances for the procession, he said.

Several attendees wore purple during the celebration because it is a color of penance, Larrea said.

Larrea said the procession continued for six or seven blocks near the church. Leaders of St. Peter Claver and the congregation have been planning the celebration since February.

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