S’porean CSI-ed & Slammed for holding a Christian worship session on the plane


Passengers on board an easyJet aircraft enjoyed unique in-flight entertainment when a man from Singapore decided to hold a Christian worship session on the flight to Germany.

Unfortunately, not everyone left the plane feeling truly blessed.

went viral online

The initiator, Jonathan Neo, could be seen standing along the aisle of the plane strumming his guitar while singing out loud in videos posted online.

A group of other passengers were also seen standing and singing along with Neo.

A 20-second video posted to Twitter last Saturday (April 16) has since garnered 30.5 million views.

Had asked permission before

Neo clarified in an Instagram reel that he asked permission from the cabin crew if he could worship on the plane.

The cabin crew then asked the pilot who was giving the green light and even introduced him to the microphone.

However, it seems that not all passengers were too happy with the in-flight performance.

A man in a blue and green checkered shirt seated nearby looked unamused as some around him had no qualms recording videos on their phones as they sang.

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Social media accounts dug

One TikTok user who was deeply upset by Neo’s actions even went to the effort of researching all of his social media accounts before posting in his TikTok rant.

@thatdaneshguy♬ original sound – Danesh

He also added that Neo’s actions were “inappropriate and honestly scary”.

Through his social media accounts, Neo had also been identified as an alumnus of the Anglo-Chinese (Independent) School and a former member of the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

Mixed line response

Responses from netizens were no different from those of passengers on the flight, with some supporting Neo while others spreading angry comments.

In response to TikTok’s rant video, users said they would “demand compensation after this theft.”


Another user said that even though the depiction had not been religious, it was still inappropriate to disrupt the flight for all other passengers.

On the other hand, one Twitter user wrote that maybe having this cult on the plane was “totally uncool and inconsiderate”.

“But doxing the guy isn’t the right answer either. Your tweet was polite, but the stack will be awful. He’ll be emboldened by the fair fight, but what about those he tagged? the user posted.

Another user wrote that impromptu performances like this happen all the time on long flights for him, citing previous experiences with the Lion King cast, a military singing group and a quartet of barbers.

He added that it could be annoying at times but it was not a crime, especially if they received permission from the pilot.

Since the online explosion, Neo has deleted his social media accounts.


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