“Sister’s Back to School Catechism” covers ghosts and elves in Shubert on October 13



Photo by Joe Amarante

Raise your hand, and Sister can call on you. And laughs may just follow.

There is a whole slew of interactive stage shows from Entertainment Events that started with “Sister’s Late Nite Catechism”: the sequel “Sister Strikes Again”, “Sister’s Christmas Catechism: The Mystery of the Magi’s Gold” and even “Sister’s Easter Catechism: Will My Bunny Go to Heaven?”

Now we are covering another holiday, Halloween, in “The Sisters’ Back to School Sunday School: The Holy Ghost and Other Terrifying Tales” on Saturday, October 13 at the Shubert Theater in New Haven.

Denise Fennell will play Sister in it, preparing her class for another long year of Sunday school. Both Catholics and non-Catholics tend to enjoy these shows, and this one covers the church’s take on all of the familiar Halloween tales of ghosts and goblins. It can also include instructions on how to build an appropriate Halloween costume for Catholics.

Shubert Theater, 247 College St., New Haven. Saturday, October 13, 8 p.m. $ 55- $ 35. 203-562-5666. Shubert.com



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