Reflections on Prayer in the Catechism of the Catholic Church


Prayer has always been central to what drives the writing here. The name of the blog, The Orante, is a term used to describe a praying figure in early Christian art. In choosing this name, my hope was that I and the readers here could all become people more deeply shaped by the prayer practices in our own lives each day. Prayer has been a fundamental part of my own life, leading me to God and the Catholic Church.

About a week ago, I finished my doctorate. and Liturgy in Sacramental Theology from the Catholic University of America and wanted to celebrate by delving into some of the fundamentals of what inspired this blog and what inspired my studies at AUC.

Starting next week, I would like to begin a series of reflections on the fourth part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This is the section on prayer.

The Catechism is a powerful tool to help frame our understanding of Catholic teaching in areas of central importance. I can think of a few topics that are more important. Prayer is the practice of meeting God in our lives. The encounter with God is the basis of all theology, because it is through the self-revelation of God that we have a basis for theology to begin with.

You can follow updates with the CCC Prayer tag.

I will also keep this article updated with links to thoughts as they are published. If you want to follow, you can bookmark this page.

I can’t wait to dig into the Catechism with you and get back into the rhythm of writing for all of you. My writing over the past few years has been mainly focused on my academic research and I hope that this new season – after graduation – will give me time again to write for this community of readers who have meant so much to me in recent years.


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