Real+True, an OSV digital project inspired by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, receives the approval of the Holy See and expands its reach worldwide


Real+True videos reach 1.75 million views in first months in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

Real + Truea project of VSO which publishes digital content based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and freely available to people around the world, has received the patronage of the Holy See through the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the new evangelization.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, secretary of the Pontifical Council, expressed his support for Real+True and considered it “very valuable, which allows the dissemination of the content of the faith, especially among the younger generations and in a language close to their sensibilities. “.

Real+True publishes monthly content inspired by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Since its launch in September 2021, Real+True videos and content have been viewed over 1.75 million times and are used in dioceses, parishes and schools around the world.

In addition to the Real+True website ( and social media, Real+True videos are also available on the Augustine Institute platform SHAPEserving more than one million users; CatholicTV, a broadcast network of the Archdiocese of Boston, serving many dioceses in the United States and users around the world; and DeSales Media, a ministry of the Diocese of Brooklyn serving New York’s 1.5 million Catholics. Later this spring, the content will also be available on Shalom Worlda 24/7 channel that reaches Catholics in Asia and around the world, and Saline and light environmentsserving Catholics in Canada and people around the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with these apostolates and ministries that will help more people around the world discover the beauty and wisdom of the Catechism and, most importantly, help them discover its beating heart: Jesus Christ,” said Emily Mentock, co-founder of Réel + Vrai. “When we launched in September 2021, we had a goal of reaching one million views in three months. We were blown away by the response and enthusiasm, and in less than two months, we achieved that goal. We We are confident that these and future partnerships will ensure that Real+True continues to be a gift to the Church everywhere.

Real+True also partners with Juan Diego Network, one of the leading Catholic publishers in Latin America and the United States, to increase its reach among Spanish-speaking Catholics. In January, Real+Verdadero ( launched Spanish social networks and started publishing a monthly podcast and newsletter.

“Forty-one percent of Catholics in the United States are Latino/Latino, and there are more than 425 million Catholics in Latin America, or about 40 percent of all Catholics in the world,” said Edmundo Reyes, co-founder of Real+True. “There is a great need for effective, dynamic and captivating content in Spanish to transmit the gift of our faith to the next generation.”

Bishop Arturo Cepeda, auxiliary bishop of Detroit and chairman of the Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), said he was grateful to see catechetical resources “of high quality “designed for Latinos in the United States. and the Church in Latin America.

“Real+True videos are a great way for people to step into the mysteries of our faith and hear the voice of God inviting them into relationship,” he said. “The videos combine sound catechesis and an engaging way to pass on our faith to the next generation.”

Real+True engages with millennial and Gen Z audiences through video, social media, and podcasts. New content is released in monthly units, each covering a section of the Catechism. Parishes, dioceses, apostolates and ministries around the world can incorporate the videos and content into their catechetical and evangelistic programs and efforts.

“We are very encouraged to see parishes, schools and families using Real+True to explore the Catechism of the Catholic Church,” said Edmund Mitchell, co-founder of Real+True. “We received a photo of a group of young people in Romania watching the videos together. We have heard of a parish in Costa Rica that uses them for their small groups. Teachers across the country are using the videos in their lessons. As a catechist, former director of religious education and minister of youth, it is a gift to see our videos serve the work of evangelization and catechesis in all these contexts.

Real+True Advisors include some of the most respected names in catechesis and evangelism: Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Bishop of Crookston; Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend; Bishop David Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay; Bishop Arturo Cepeda, Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit; Mons. Michael Heintz (Mount St. Mary’s University); Stacey Noem (Notre Dame University); Gloria Purvis (USCCB Consultant and University of Notre Dame Fellow); Julianne Stanz (Diocese of Green Bay and USCCB consultant); Sherry Weddell (Catherine Institute of Siena); Dr. Hosffman Ospino (Boston College); Dcn. Robert Rice (Franciscan University of Steubenville); Scott P. Richert (Editor at OSV); Prof. Stephen Pullis (Major Seminary of the Sacred Heart); Prof. Agustino Torres, CFR (Corazon Puro); Prof. David Jasso (CELAM); Dr. Joseph White (Director of Catechetical Resources at OSV); Jesus Colina (Aleteia); Peter Burak (Renewal Ministries); and Dr. Petroc Willey (Franciscan University of Steubenville).

Real+True’s mission is to pass on the gift of our faith by creating beautiful, captivating and relevant content inspired by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, available in multiple languages ​​and freely accessible to people around the world.

Real + True is a project of Our Sunday Visitorone of the largest Catholic publishers in the world and a leader in catechetical and evangelistic resources.

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