Rapper DMX Leads Instagram Bible Study, Urges Fans To Give ‘Your Life To Jesus’



Saying “God made it my heart to speak,” the award-winning DMX rapper hosted an Instagram Bible study over the weekend and even urged his fans to embrace Jesus.

“Step into the Word,” he encouraged the over 14,000 people watching.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, rose to fame in the late 1990s and 2000s with albums featuring Parents Notices for Explicit Lyrics, winning two American Music Awards and three Grammy nominations. Over the weekend, however, he focused on the scriptures.

DMX, now 49, read from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8, Ecclesiastes 3: 16-17 and parts of Ecclesiastes 4.

“The best thing we can hope for – the most important thing we can hope for, pray for or ask for – is that our desires coincide with the will of God,” he said.

At some point, playing DMX Ecclesiastes 3: 5 – there will be a “time to kiss and a time to avoid hugs” – and a pause to reflect on the modern parallel during the pandemic.

He urged his fans to learn to pray and not to rely on the prayers of others: “Your own prayer will do much better than someone else praying for you.”

He spoke of the current confinement: “God give you time… to come closer to him. “

He encouraged them to receive Christ: “The one who has not yet given his life to Jesus, the one who has not made it all the way… I’m going to guide you through this now. He then led his fans in a prayer.

DMX said he woke up earlier today with “chills” and felt prompted to tell his fans about the Bible.

“God made it my heart to speak,” he said. “It’s new to me. It’s not what I do.

By not living for Christ, he said, people are “missing out on so many blessings that he has for you.”

“Get into the Word,” said DMX. “It will make whatever you are going through a lot more manageable.”

The Instagram Live video has since disappeared from her account, although copies are circulating on YouTube.

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