Prof. Mike Schmitz to Launch New Podcast on Catholic Catechism


After the monumental success of The Bible in a Year podcast, Fr. Schmitz will begin Catechism in a Year on January 1, 2023.

The creators of the most popular Catholic podcast of all time are looking to do it again in 2023. Next year, Fr. Mike Schmitz will begin hosting a new podcast, Catechism in a year. The program will feature 365 episodes, airing daily, that will educate listeners on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).

It is difficult to overstate the success of Bible in a year become in 2021. With around 3 million downloads and a staggering total of 6.8 billion minutes listened to, it could be years before a Catholic podcast is poised to oust it from the top spot of all time. Last year, the show spent the better part of a month at the top of the Apple Podcast charts for all categories, and it still remains #1 in their Religion & Spirituality section.

Much of the podcast’s success is due to its superb host, Father Mike Schmitz. With an enthusiastic and emotive voice, Father Schmitz connects with the audience while simplifying abstract concepts to make them easy and fun to learn. Now Fr. Schmitz brings his exuberance to the Catechism in a year.

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Catechism in a year

Beginning January 1, 2023, Fr. Schmitz will read the Catholic Catechism, providing insight, explanation, and encouragement in the process. In his announcement video, shown above, Fr. Schmitz spoke passionately about the new project. He said:

“The Catechism is this incredible gift of a Church that has received the word of God, has been shaped by the word of God, has been called higher by the word of God, has been converted and convicted by the word of God. The Catechism is a reflection on all of divine Revelation, and a distillation and compilation, a summary of what we believe. From January 1, what we have done with the Bible, we are going to do with the Catechism.

New print edition

In support of the new podcast, Ascension Press will publish a new print edition of CCC. Along with the full text of the Catechism, this edition will include an original guidebook with the express purpose of helping “to make the Catechism easy to learn and a joy to remember.”

Father Mike explained:

“For 365 days, we will take a small section of the Catechism each day. We are going to read it, explain it and expand on it so that by the end of this year we can say, “I know what the Church believes, I know what God’s plan is for my life, I know talk to God, I know how to listen to his voice and I know how to adore him. It’s gonna be amazing.

In a press release, Ascension President and CEO Jonathan Strate noted that they had received numerous requests for a deep dive into the catechism even before the Bible in a year podcast is over. Strat said:

“We are delighted for Fr. Mike Schmitz to bring this offering to our audience, especially as The Catechism of the Catholic Church marks the 30th anniversary of its publication in October.”

The Catechism in a Year podcast will be available for free on all major podcast platforms as well as the Hallow app, making it a powerful catechetical tool for Catholic schools, parishes and universities, including those with stretched budgets. limits.

Visit Ascension to find out more.

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