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The PARALLEL PLUS® Bible study app is intended for pastors, lay leaders, and others who are actively seeking a deeper understanding of the scriptures. PARALLEL: up to 7 columns, more than 100 versions. PLUS Greek and Hebrew word studies (verse lists, Thayer / BDB / Schleusner, word families). PLUS exegetical aids (syntactic analyzes, translation advice). Free, online only, install now.

EXPERIENCE: As you read the column in one version, when you come across a verse that you would like to understand better, just move your eyes left to right to see how the other versions express that verse in context, then continue reading the chapter. The idea is to introduce as little eye movement as possible, so that you can get into the scriptures and stay there for a while.

BIBLICAL LANGUAGES: See Hebrew and Greek in conjunction with other versions. In addition, tap any word to search for the corresponding Hebrew or Greek word and its occurrences. Plus, tap any verse to find Hebrew or Greek details within a verse: phonetics, analyzes, parts of speech, translation tips.

GO DEEPLY: Tap any word, then tap “word study” to see: verse lists, lexical entries, and word families. Tap any verse, then tap “study verses” to see helpers by verse at a time: color-coded parts of speech, word shapes, phonetics, syllables, and translation tips. It also helps you find familiar Bible verses, even when you can only remember a few words; type “Loved God” into the search box and see where that phrase appears in each Bible version of your Parallel Bible.

TAKING NOTES, UNDERLINING VERSES: Log in to take notes and highlight verses. Take notes about a verse, a word in a word study, or your translation of a verse. These notes also automatically appear in your Parallel Bible: every verse note, every word study note (next to every occurrence of the word), and every verse you translate (next to other columns in your Parallel Bible).

ONLINE ONLY and that’s why: It allows us to update our content and make corrections as soon as we recognize the need. “Online only” helps us ensure that every reader always has access to the most accurate content that we are able to provide at that time. By the way, yes: we live in an increasingly connected world. Internet speeds keep on rising, so that in developed countries the performance is remarkable (for example: for those with a 200 megabit connection, Parallel Plus shows a new chapter in 1/3 of a second). In some developing countries, the Internet is currently much slower, but this gap will close over the next few years.

SOCIAL: This app helps you share the gospel with your friends just as you read a bible verse and think of someone in your life.

PROTESTANT, CATHOLIC: This app automatically aligns verses by verse content and displays corresponding verse numbers when different.

FREE COMMENT: Reading parallel versions helps readers understand better. Even without comment. We think this is so important that we do not include comments in our app.

LANGUAGES: Biblical Hebrew and Greek plus English, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and about 50 others.

ABOUT: is an American charitable organization (official name: The Bible Works). Its mission is to help ministers make Christ known; In support of this mission, he is developing applications to help people experience more effective scripture reading. Peter Coad is leading his small team in this work. The organization’s content partners include Biblica (NIV), Crossway (ESV), Lockman (NASB), and Bible League International.

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