Pakistani church completes Urdu translation of catechism



Book will help Muslims learn more about Catholic faith, priest says


Published: March 11, 2016 at 05:50 GMT

A Vatican-approved Urdu translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church has been published in Pakistan.

“We are so happy that the work is done for this Holy Year of Mercy,” said Father Robert McCulloch, attorney general of the Society of St. Columban and a missionary in Pakistan for 34 years.

It took 13 years to complete the translation, Father McCulloch told the Vatican News Agency. Fides.

The book “will be useful for catechesis at all levels, for children, young people and adults”, the priest said, adding that many Muslim leaders in Pakistan have sent their congratulations and intend to use it to better understand the Catholic faith.

Father McCulloch said the translation was a creative endeavor, as there was no direct Urdu translation for some theological concepts, such as transubstantiation.

“No term used in the catechism was left in Latin or any other language,” he said.

“We had to invent new words in Urdu such as the translation of the concept of ‘transubstantiation’ and other concepts specific to the Catholic faith.”

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