‘Our husbands’ shoes are way too big for us’: Bible study message for ladies goes viral

Screenshot from Twitter / @RevSarahLocke

A post showing female Bible study participants trying on their husbands’ shoes has gone viral Twitter. The purpose of the exercise was for women to learn not to take on the role and responsibilities of their husbands, who, depending on the position, are heavier and more onerous than their wives.

“In our ladies’ Bible study, I asked all women to bring a pair of their husband’s shoes to class,” says the author of the post, whose name is withheld. “When they arrived, I asked them to put them on. We spent the rest of the evening wearing shoes that were in most cases way too big for us. We were tripping and tripping over them and they were definitely not comfortable. It was really, really funny!”

Ladies Bible Study Message Goes Viral

The Women’s Bible Study post features several photos of the Bible study participants, whose faces have been marked for anonymity, wearing their husbands’ shoes. The user, who appears to have posted the original post on Facebook, continues:

We quickly realized that our husbands shoes our [sic]on the way to [sic]big for us. They’re meant for our husbands’ feet, not ours.

So…. Why do we insist on wearing them?

For my part, I do not want his work or his responsibilities! There’s no way I can handle the physical or mental stress he’s under! And really wearing his big old dirty boots [sic]a good reminder of

Their shoes are not made for us. The load they have to carry is heavy. They are responsible for our family in ways we will never truly understand.

So let’s stop trying to wear our husbands’ shoes. Instead, let us pray for them, encourage them, and let them be the men God called them and created them to be.


Twitter user Reverend Sarah Locke tweeted a screenshot of the message with the words “Stop it”. The tweet went viral, receiving over 5,600 retweets, over 5,400 quote tweets and nearly 100,000 likes to date.

dr. Beth Allison Barr, author of “The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth,” commented, “Am I laughing? Or cry? How body size = leadership? »

Many users who have commented on the ladies bible study want to know how the point of the exercise applies if a husband’s feet are the same size as his wife’s or even smaller than hers.


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