Northcote District: Doxology for the conclusion of the catechism program for those who will be baptized into the Orthodox Church


Orthodox Catechism programs have been operating for decades in the Archdiocesan District of Northcote.

These programs are suitable for those who are searching for their faith or who have decided to be baptized Orthodox. This year and for the first time, an official Doxology was organized at the end of the program for those who participated.

The catechism program takes place every Tuesday evening in the conference rooms of the offices of the Archdiocese of Northcote. The program runs four times a year and lasts 11 weeks each time.

With the blessing of Archbishop Makarios of Australia, Bishop Evmenios of Kerasounta, assisted by the Holy Clergy of Northcote District, officiated the doxology.

Bishop Evmenios congratulated those who participated in the program and encouraged them to continue their journey in the Orthodox Church and decided to take the next step and get baptized. “Being a member of the Orthodox Church is not only a blessing, but it is also a gift that gives everyone the freedom and possibility to become ‘God by grace,'” the bishop mentioned in his speech.

“The program you participated in did not give you all the knowledge to know God, but only the surface to help you have only a small insight into the mystery of God, because God is not a theory but an experience.

At the end, Bishop Evmenios conveyed the blessing and paternal love of Bishop Makarios of Australia and in his name offered a book and an icon as a gift. Each participant received a certificate of participation.

Please note that if anyone, Orthodox or non-Orthodox, would like to find out more about the Orthodox faith and attend catechism programmes, they can get more information by calling 9998 1898.


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