MSA will present a virtual “late night catechism”



May 27, 2020

Mount Saint Agnes Academy to host a virtual edition of Late Nite Catechism on Saturday [May 30] to raise funds for its Emergency Bursary Fund.

A spokesperson said: “The nuns are coming for their online comedy show, Late Nite Catechism. It debuted on May 28, 1993 at the Live Bait Theater in Chicago, Ill., And has since grossed over $ 100 million in box office sales.

“It has been presented in more than 410 cities around the world and has performed in six countries with more than 3.5 million people in attendance. There were over 100 “nuns” who presented the eight shows in the series.

“Late Nite Catechism is a tumultuous play that tells the audience about their hilarious events around teaching in the Catholic school. Our show will be all the more exciting as there will be two nuns performing together, which has never been done in their 25 years of existence.

“One of the ‘nuns’ is Maripat Donovan, who is one of the first nuns and creators of the late catechism.

“Please join us for a good night of G-rated laughs on Saturday, May 30 at 7:00 PM AST. The show lasts 40 minutes and costs only $ 29 or more for a donation.

“We are raising funds for our Emergency Bursary Fund to help our students and their families who will be affected by the financial effects of COVID-19.

“To verify here to learn more. “

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