Mangaluru: ‘Milan of Catechism Teachers’ held at Cordel Church


Press release

Mangaluru, December 4: St. Peter’s City of Varado organized Catechism Teachers Milan for all catechism teachers from the different parishes of the city deanery on December 4 at Cordel Mini Hall, Kulshekar.

The program began with a prayer led by Sr. Lavita. Father Lawrence Cutinha, coordinator and assistant pastor of Guardian Angel Church, Angelore, welcomed Father Vincent Sequeira, program resource person, and Father Clifford Fernandes, pastor of Holy Cross Church, Kulshekar.

He extended a cordial welcome to all the catechism teachers from the different parishes of St Peters City Varado. He thanked the parish priests and the assistant parish priest of the various parishes of the deanery of the city for their total support in the organization of this program and the sending of the catechism teachers.

Prof. Clifford Fernandes commended the teachers for taking on the responsibility of teaching catechism to the children. He said teachers must be enthusiastic and prepared with the lessons, understand the true aspects of the faith and must also know the Holy Bible. Therefore, today’s session will definitely help them gain a better understanding of the Holy Bible so that they can make it easy for children to understand.

Sr. Lona D’Souza introduced Fr. Vincent Sequeira. Father Vincent belongs to the parish of Uppinagady and continued his studies in theology in Bangalore and his doctorate in biblical theology in Rome. He is a professor at the seminary of Jeppu and at the same time secretary of the biblical commission of the diocese of Mangalore. Moreover, he is also assistant director in Mangala Jyothi.

Fr. Vincent Sequeira participated in an elaboration session on important aspects of the Holy Bible and how to incorporate them when teaching catechism. He informed them of the creativity with which the word of God described in the Holy Bible can be taught to children to raise them in the Christian faith. He insisted on acting out the parables and making the teaching interesting so that the children develop a love of reading the Holy Bible. He encouraged all catechism teachers that they are doing a wonderful job and can really use creative techniques to convey the word of God. About 110 catechism teachers actively participated in this program.

The program ended with a vote of thanks from Céline Saldanha. The program was presented by Precilla Monteiro. Pratibha D’Souza took the initiative to make the necessary arrangements to organize this program.


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