Mangaluru: Inauguration of the academic year of catechism at the church of Neermarga


Press release

Mangaluru, June 6: The Sunday catechism for the 2022-23 academic year was inaugurated on June 5, 2022 at the Saint-Joseph Ouvrier church in Neermarga.

The auspicious event began with an entrance procession with altar servers carrying a censer with burning incense, a processional cross carried by Ravi Saldanha, Vice President, Parish Pastoral Council, relatives with lit candles, class teachers from 1st to 10th grade and student representatives carrying small Bibles and the priest – All entered together slowly and respectfully; approaching the sanctuary, deploy laterally and all prostrate together towards the altar and stand in a semicircle, then the Holy Bible is enthroned and honored with flowers and incense by Father Anil Canute D’Mello, parish priest.

The parish priest as well as Ravi Saldanha, Prakash Pereira- vice-president and secretary of the Parish Pastoral Council unveiled the plaque bearing the theme of the new catechetical year: 2022-23 – To be a living witness to the Word of God and to learn catechism is an inspiration to lead a gospel-centered life.

Father Anil D’Mello, in his inspiring homily, vividly underlined how the day of Pentecost is linked to the tower of Babel – He said: “While the tower of Babel divided mankind by language, God finally used language on the day of Pentecost to bring us so God led us from the tower of Babel to the day of Pentecost through the death and resurrection of our Saviour.” seven gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives, thus concluding: “As we celebrate the feast of the Holy Spirit, let us remember the creative work of the Holy Spirit transforming bread and wine into the sacred Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and transform people into a community of love and forgiveness. It is here that the Spirit-filled community finds its source of life, mission, joy, hope and perseverance.

The parishioners then attended the solemn swearing-in ceremony led by Fr. Anil D’Mello and it took place according to the format given by the Diocesan Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Commission (DBCLC).

The catechism teachers animated the liturgy of the day and also took part in the offertory.


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