Mangaluru: Catechism day celebrated at Saint-Laurent church in Bondel



Press release

Mangaluru, April 12: Catechism day was celebrated on April 11 at the Saint-Laurent church in Bondel. Father Muller Hospital, director of Thumbay, Fr. Silvester Vincent Lobo was the main celebrant while the deputy parish priest Fr. Rupesh Tauro was the concelebrant.

During Mass, prayers of thanksgiving were offered to Divine Mercy for the blessings bestowed throughout the year. The liturgy was led by the children who actively participated in the Eucharistic banquet.

After the Eucharist, a small program was organized at Pendall Church.

Invited, Father Silvester Vincent Lobo said in his speech: “Reading a Bible verse a day is a good thing, meditating on the Word of God will give you a better understanding of what God expects from you and for you, providing you well advice. “Father Andrew Leo D’Souza in his speech thanked all the catechism teachers for their selfless service to the children of the parish. He was grateful to Father Clifford Pinto, director of catechism and director of St Lawrence English Medium School and coordinator Santhosh Misquith for their dedicated work in the parish catechism.

The platform was honored with the presence of all the dignitaries, Fr. Andrew Leo D’Souza, parish priest, Silvester Vincent Lobo, the guest of honor, Fr. Rupesh Tauro, coordinator of the catechism of Santhosh Misquith, the vice-president Reginald D’Souza, secretary of the parish council Steevan Noronha who were on the podium.

Teachers were honored for their services rendered throughout the year. The children received prizes for their attendance and for obtaining the first, second and third prizes in the catechism exam and for keeping their booklet.

Catechism coordinator – Santhosh Misquith moved the vote of thanks. Meena Barboza greeted the guests and Lavina Menezes was the mistress of ceremonies.



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