Mangalore Diocese City Deanery Holds Catechism Teacher Refresher Training


Press release

Mangaluru, August 10: The City Deanery of the Diocese of Mangalore held a half-day refresher program for Sunday Catechism teachers on August 9 at Derebail Parish Hall under the leadership of Fr. Lawrence Cutinha, the Deanery’s Catechism Coordinator. The program began with prayer led by Prescilla Monteiro. Father Gerald Francis Pinto led the reflection on the Scriptures. Sr. Reena warmly welcomed the respectable guests and participants.

Father Joseph Martis, parish priest of Derebail was the guest of honour. In his address, he appreciated the hard work and sacrifices of catechists to educate the children of the parish in the Catholic faith. Pratibha D’Souza introduced the resource person. Father Vijay Machado, Director of the Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Diocesan Center of Mangalore (Mangala Jyothi). Fr. Vijay Machado, during his session, enlightened the assembly on the importance of teaching the Holy Bible to children during catechism classes, and gave good examples of teaching the Bible in a simple way. He stressed that it is necessary for our catechesis to be a model to bring about change in young children, providing daily practical advice to children, such as spontaneous prayer, mutual aid, relationships with family members, friends and community. life.

After the break, Fr. Vijay Machado continued his talk on the importance of the Holy Mass and explained the significance of the liturgy and how to motivate children and young people to actively participate in the liturgy. He emphasized that the Holy Mass is a celebration where we wholeheartedly come together as a family to praise and adore God, thank him and pray for all humanity. The catechists then celebrated Holy Mass in the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer. A total of 112 catechists have benefited from this program.

Thelma Monteiro, Jean Maria Noronha and Sr. Lorna D’Souza managed the registration desk. Célestine Saldanha proposes the vote of thanks. Gaulbert Pais was the master of ceremonies for the program. The half-day program ended with a convivial meal.


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