Making Bible Study Relevant in the Digital Age


New interactive learning platform integrates technology and multimedia

As families in St. Louis settle into the new school year, thousands of residents will focus on a different kind of education.

This month, Jehovah’s Witnesses are offering a new interactive educational platform to help make Bible study more engaging and easier to understand: Enjoy Life Forever! — An interactive Bible course. This free publication, available in more than 700 languages ​​on the official Witnesses website,, includes multimedia elements that encourage critical thinking and discussion between student and teacher.

“I find the ‘Dig Deeper’ and ‘Some People May Say’ sections extremely effective,” said Willow Stempin of St. Ann, Missouri. “They allow the student to be able to really reflect and meditate on the information we are studying and think about how to apply it in their lives based on truth, not just faith.”

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The digital version of Enjoy Life Forever! — An interactive Bible course contains quick-access scripture links and over 200 videos. Printed copies are designed for use with the JW Library app or to access videos that make Bible study more accessible to everyone.

“Our approach is to reach people’s hearts by engaging their minds. That’s how people learn,” said Robert Hendriks, American spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have published Bible study aids for more than a century. “Although we have always favored the printed page, we have adapted our methods to meet the needs of learners.

Stempin finds the videos particularly useful. “The videos always cover exactly what my student is thinking, people’s real experiences allow the student to feel truly heard and seen and not intimidated,” she said. “My student especially loves the videos and how realistic and easy to understand they are. When the scriptures get deep, the videos make them very simple.

Carnegie Mellon University highlighted recent research findings on dynamic learning methods: “Engaging students through interactive activities, discussions, feedback, and…enhanced technologies led to improved performance academic versus traditional lectures, lessons or readings.”

You can also find self-paced online Bible study lessons at that cover the following topics: the Bible and its author, the Bible’s main characters, and the Bible’s message of hope. All content on the website is free, with no registration or subscription required.

For more information on how to get the most out of Bible reading and study, go to

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