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A fan’s comment on YouTube may best explain Seeker & Servant’s combination of folk and electronic influences: “Fleet Foxes meets M83. “

The Jackson-based band, a newcomer to the Christian music scene, began producing music in late 2012 and brought their refreshing, atypical sound to the cult genre.

Brothers Cameron and Chandler Wood – and later Kody Gautier, a senior educational psychology student at Mississippi State University – form Seeker & Servant.

The group was formed when singer and keyboard player Cameron Wood and his brother and guitarist Chandler Wood began writing songs of worship for a church they helped establish in Flowood, Mississippi.

Due to their roots in the music business, Chandler Wood said writing music came to them effortlessly.

Chandler Wood said that while he and his brother were experienced in creating songs, they weren’t exactly equipped to write more venerable lyrics.

“We had both played in another band that had traveled a lot, so writing music was nothing new for us at this point, but writing more venerable songs was,” he said. . “We just wanted to cut out all the big sounds from an entire band and focus on writing the music and lyrics from our hearts.”

As the brothers wrote music, they were looking for a third member who would be able to help shape the percussion in the songs.

Chandler Wood said their desire for innovative drum rhythms and patterns led them to reconnect with their childhood friend Gautier.

“We didn’t really have a clue what we wanted, but we know we wanted something different, not like normal percussion. As we were watching and praying over it, I came across the SoundCloud account of an old childhood friend (Gautier) where he posted beats and programming stuff that he did. I had no idea he even made music, and we hadn’t spoken to him for probably 10 years or more, ”he said. “Nonetheless, we were happy with his work, so I reached out to him on Facebook and the next month we were all working on music together.”

Gautier joined the group and traveled from Starkville to Jackson whenever Seeker & Servant had a show. Gautier said that he, Christian Wood and Chandler Wood worked together to create a sound unlike anything in the Christian music genre.

“They liked what I was doing, so we kept working together to write new songs,” he said. “Eventually the three of us working together formed a whole new sound that was original for the cult music scene, and we decided to record an album.”

Chandler Wood said he and his brother admired Gautier’s work ethic and knew that with him they could be successful.

“Cameron and I loved Kody’s determination and commitment, and that’s what really let us know this was all going to work and could go beyond any project we’ve been involved with before,” said he declared.

The band started writing songs together in April 2013. While Chandler Wood said he and his brother had reservations about writing with a new member, it turned out that Gautier was a great addition to the process. ‘writing.

“We weren’t sure exactly how it was going to turn out because Cameron and I have always been very exclusive when it comes to writing music and lyrics, but it turned out that writing with Kody was one of the best experiences we’ve had while writing., “he said. “Kody is an absolute genius and contributed so much to the process. It was just amazing because we were all excited about the things we were writing, and we were all supporting each other in thoughts and ideas.

Chandler Wood said success came quickly for the group due to the brotherhood formed by the three members.

“We really all became a part of a brotherhood, and because of our incredible connection, we kept writing all the time. The rest is history, ”he said. “Everything moved quickly for us, but it was one of the best, if not the best, experiences we’ve ever had. Everything is God.

The group released their debut album, “Into Your Love I Go,” on January 7th. Seeker & Servant’s self-described ambient / electronic / folk / cult music can be heard in all eight songs on the album.

Gautier said the band’s tunes are immediately listed due to their worshipful lyrics, but sounds of different styles inform Seeker & Servant’s music.

“Our music could be considered Christian worship music simply because of its lyrical content. Musically, however, it’s an original mix of many different sounds coming from our own creation, ”he said. “To describe our sound in a broad and general sense, we have a mix of electronic, indie rock and folk. We’ve been compared to bands like Arcade Fire, Rend Collective Experiment, M83 and others.”

Chandler Wood said the group wanted listeners to identify with their songs and experience the reverence and fear of Christ.

“When people listen to our music, we want them to experience the love of Christ and feel a reality, as if they feel comfortable enough with our songs that they can just let go and feel themselves. identify, “he said. “At the end of the day, though, we’re not making music for our own gain, we’re making Christ glorified, so we’re hoping people will worship Him through it and see Him through it.”

Gautier said Seeker & Servant happily creates each song, and the group wants all listeners to witness and experience that same joy.

“Our songs and our sound are made with joy so that others share that same joy with us. We want to give people hope and joy by listening to our music, ”he said.



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