Gunshots during the funeral could affect attendance at the Vieux-Fort Catholic Church


The recent volley of bullets fired near the Catholic church in Vieux-Fort last week during a funeral is likely to affect church attendance.

That’s according to Anthony Bellas, bell ringer and dedicated church member.

The incident, which happened last Thursday, March 10, had mourners running for safety in all directions and ended in the death of a man by shooting at the Westall group, Vieux-Fort .

Bellas, who has a business a few meters from the church, called the incident very sad and shocking.

“People are now saying they might refrain from going to the Catholic Church in Vieux-Fort, which is unfortunate,” Bellas said. Loop News.

He said the Catholic Church couldn’t do much because it had always preached non-violence.

Anthony Belles

“Every day the church preaches the 10 commandments, and if you’re a Christian, if you’re Catholic, you’ll follow the 10 commandments,” Bellas said.

However, he added that the church must undertake awareness programs to encourage young people to live a better life.

“The church should go out into the community and preach to young people to try to bring them back to the church, so that they can follow in the footsteps of Jesus. They should be peaceful, loving and merciful individuals,” he said. he declares.


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