Greater New Grove Christian worship center targeted for third time



HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – At the Greater New Grove Christian Worship Center, Senior Pastor Lionel Parker Jr. and his wife Anetta say that when people walk into their property, you enter holy land.

After what happened to them this week, they believe that God was definitely watching over their possessions.

“We are thankful to God,” said the senior pastor.

Their surveillance system detected an intrusion, and the pastor said the potential criminal was searching under a rug for a key to enter the church. He then headed straight for the daycare van, and for nearly 30 minutes, he desperately tried to open the hood.

“I believe he was trying to go under the hood to get the battery or part of the air conditioning system,” Lionel said.

He broke the grille right away, but then he started throwing bricks at the windows with force.

“(He threw) several bricks over and over,” Anetta said.

Other than the broken grille, there was no other sign of serious damage.

“It was an intervention of God,” Anetta said.

It’s a huge sigh of relief for them, as not only have their air conditioners been stolen twice before, but they have just completed roof repairs following Hurricane Harvey.

“I believe an angel stood up and said, ‘Come back.’ I really believe it, “said the pastor’s wife.

The Parkers hope someone recognizes the man and calls the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. They are afraid that he will come back and finish the job.

“We forgive you. Let’s go get some help so you don’t have to do this,” the pastor addressed the abuser.

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