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On his first full day as governor of South Dakota this month, Kristi noem held what was supposed to be an interfaith “inaugural worship service”. It was actually a giant government sponsored advertisement for Christianity.

According to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which just sent him a letter reminding him of how the law works, it has crossed the line:

The service included Christian music, a full sermon by a pastor, and several group prayers. One of those prayers, led by a woman who identified herself as a family friend to the new governor, endorsed a Christian nationalist vision for South Dakota., saying of God, “You are the Lord and King of South Dakota” and “We thank you, Lord God, for having faith – faith in You.” And that Holy Spirit fills this place now as we worship you, and the Holy Spirit takes absolutely every nook and cranny of this Capitol and this state. “The woman then moved from Christian nationalism to exorcism, praying that”any demon that might try to come to this place is kicked out. “

“We hope you can see how your approval of an event in which attendees have been invited to pray that ‘the Holy Spirit will take absolutely every nook and cranny of this Capitol and this state.’ sent an unequivocal message to all non-religious South Dakotas “that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community,” “ Colin McNamara, legal aide to the FFRF, writes to the governor, citing the United States Supreme Court. “We urge you to focus on the secular business of government and leave religious services where they belong – in a church. “

Noem is not alone on this subject. This month alone we have seen Governor Kevin Stitt from Oklahoma explain how his office “will join with what God is doing in Oklahoma.” Tennessee Governor Bill Lee sold tickets for “preferential seats” at the worship service prior to his inauguration.

All these people got their hands on a Bible while swearing to obey the laws of their states. All seem to have confused the two books.

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