From online advertising to Bible study


In April 2021, HopeMedia Spain launched an evangelization project through social networks. From these first tests until May 2022, 30 churches have participated, with 906 people providing their contact details, of which 237 are already studying the Bible in different cities in Spain, and four have been baptized. From surfing on social networks to the waters of baptism!

What does it consist on ?

From its official accounts, HopeMedia Spain posted ads on Facebook and Instagram offering Bible studies. These ads appear by geolocation in different cities.

Users see these advertisements when browsing their social networks, and interested individuals click on them, providing HopeMedia with their contact details for communication purposes. “Whatever your past practice is, it doesn’t have to be repeated over and over again in the same way. God would follow new and untested methods. Burst into people, surprise them” (Ellen G. White, Evangelism, p. 125).

A church involved

To carry out this project, members of the local church must also attend Bible studies. What church wouldn’t want something like that? To do this, HopeMedia encourages lay members interested in teaching Bible studies to become volunteer tutors who will deal with interested people.

These tutors should complete the online course on “How to Lead a Bible Study” and have a good understanding of the Bible study material they will be teaching. Another requirement with the course is the training they receive in their local churches in this regard.

On the other hand, HopeMedia recommends that along with the tutoring team, there should be a prayer team in every church. This prayer team remains united in prayer for three specific things: people interested in the program, tutors and the action of the Holy Spirit through these digital campaigns.

In this way, each member is involved in the mission, either through direct contact with interested people or through the basic spiritual support of prayer.

[Photos Courtesy of HopeMedia Spain and Inter-European Division]

The digital campaign

When the local church is ready, the digital campaign is then launched on social platforms. For a month, video and image ads appear on both Facebook and Instagram in selected cities. Normally four or five churches are included in each campaign.

Through HopeMedia and The Voice of Hope, interested individuals who have provided their contact details are matched with local tutors.

This allows local tutors to make direct contact with people interested in their city with the goal of starting meetings where they can study the Bible, either via video call or in person.

Blessings and subsequent campaigns

Evidence that the Holy Spirit is working through these campaigns to bear fruit is seen in the four baptisms that have already transpired, while others are preparing to take this step and still others are at least regularly attending groups and local churches.

For the remainder of 2022, HopeMedia executives hope to run four more digital campaigns that will cover another 25 churches.

HopeMedia leaders ask you to pray for everyone involved so that many more may encounter Jesus. There is a thirst for the Word of God; it’s time to keep sharing hope!

Watch and share this video to hear some testimonials.

[Photos Courtesy of HopeMedia Spain and Inter-European Division]

[Photos Courtesy of HopeMedia Spain and Inter-European Division]

Also in your city

If you want to carry out this project in your city, association or union, contact us: [email protected]

We’ll be more than willing to walk you through the whole process, the steps, the technical know-how, and everything else you need to enjoy this blessing.

“Let every worker in the Master’s vineyard study, plan, devise methods, to reach people where they are. We have to do something out of the normal course of things. Attention must be stopped” (Same., p. 122).

If you wish to support this project, you can do so via this link, either through your prayers, your messages of encouragement, or by a financial donation to help us cover the costs of publicity, management and Bible studies.

If you want to train in digital evangelism, you can access the course at, where you will find practical knowledge on how to be a hybrid church.

This article originally appeared on the Inter-European Division news site


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