Fellowship founders secretly bury female member during Bible study program


He said the nurse who treated her said the deceased suffered from typhoid, malaria and anaemia.

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested two founders of a Christian community, Chidi Samuel and Paul Zakari, for allegedly burying a deceased woman during a prayer retreat.

This information was revealed by Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Lanre Bankole, who informed members of the press that Samuel and Zakari had taken seven youths with them to a remote area of ​​Oyan village for a so-called bible study and fellowship session.

The late Okumazor Favor, 20, was among the young people who took part in the so-called Bible study and scholarship program.

According to reports, prior to her death, Favor was ill without the knowledge of her parents and the suspects refused to let the deceased return home when she was extremely ill, and then connived to bury her in a shallow grave, after her death, without her. parental consent.

The commissioner said: “While in the isolated area, one of the youngsters, whose parents went missing at Ibafo police station, fell ill and later died. The suspects, who refused to let the girl go when she fell ill, secretly buried her in a shallow village grave.

He added that it was one of the youngsters who escaped from the event who informed the deceased parents of his death, hence the arrest of the suspects.

During an interview with members of the press, Samuel, 32, told his side of the story; “I am from Abia State but I live in Alamo, Magboro. I am a pastor at the Lifebuilders Network. It’s a ministry, not a church, and it’s a youth, evangelism, and Bible study program.

“In October 2021, we went to a program at Oyan village in Imala town to engage in Bible study and prayer. The trip was to last six months.

We had been about four months when we got sick. We got by but one of the girls we came with got so bad; with the little money we had, we took her to the hospital but she died.

He said the nurse who treated her said the deceased suffered from typhoid, malaria and anaemia.

When asked if parents were aware of the program, he said yes. However, he admitted that they did not call her parents when she was sick and also after her death.


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