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The First Baptist Church invites everyone to join its annual Explorer’s Bible Study with classes beginning August 18. This year’s theme is “God’s Perfect Plan: Exploring Bible Study Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation” and the study offers participants male, female and mixed courses.

Beth Fitts has been teaching Explorer Bible Study for 35 years and is grateful that First Baptist is still opening its doors despite the number of COVID-19 cases.

“COVID has thrown a little wrench in it and it’s been fun because every year God has protected us and provided everything we needed,” Fitts said. “We started with a small group of 30 people. (It was) only 30 people gathered in a circle, but God offered all these groups and gave us more people in the midst of a pandemic.

Classes are scheduled in the morning, noon, or evening, and individuals can sign up for in-person groups or Zoom groups.

Additional Bible study classes are held for women on Mondays and Tuesdays and personal study options are available to all.

“Nearly 300 people have already signed up,” Fitts said. “It’s kind of like an Oxford thing.”

Student Explorers receive a workbook to answer questions related to a chosen scripture. Students answer ten minutes of questions, then divide into groups to discuss the work. Then there will be a conference with the teacher to review the scripture and questions with the whole group.

“You meet people from all over Oxford because there are all kinds of churches involved: older women, young women, men, professionals,” Fitts said. “It’s kind of like an Oxford rainbow. There are so many types of people, the only commonality is that they like to study the word of God.

Fitts says the church and God have held the community together.

“The Bible gives you the foundation you need when the world is falling apart,” she said.

Explorer Bible study is a team effort, according to Fitts. From the male instructor Joe Meurrier to the administrators to the group leaders, everyone plays a part and makes the program enjoyable not only for the students but also for the staff.

“It’s fun to come together to learn the word of God, laugh and talk,” Fitts said.

For more information about the First Baptist Church Explorer Bible Study and how to register, visit www.gotofirst.org/ebs


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