Excellence award for catechism students


Thirty-four Catechism students from St Michael’s Church (SMC) received excellent attendance awards at children’s mass on November 17th.

November 29, 2019

IPOH: Thirty-four Catechism students from St Michael’s Church (SMC) received excellent attendance awards at children’s mass on November 17th.

The awards, which included a certificate and a RM20 voucher for the SMC Religious Shop, were presented by SMC Pastor Father Anthony Liew.

Archbishop Emeritus John Ha of Kuching celebrated Mass, with the concelebration of Father Anthony Liew.

In his homily, Archbishop Emeritus Ha referred to the reading of today’s Gospel.

“Believers believed that the temple in Jerusalem, filled with all its treasures, glory and acceptable offerings, was a place where they would meet God.

“However, Jesus made it clear to them that this magnificent temple was threatened with destruction. He wanted a spiritual people, not a people bound by a temple sanctuary made of stones.

“The immediate reaction of the people was to find out when the destruction of the temple would take place, or what signs to watch out for to avoid this disaster. Instead, Jesus turned their attention away from the temple to focus on the end times, when everyone is standing before Christ to receive judgment.

Jesus also warned them against false prophets with false statements. “He also tells us that we must not give up despite the persecution. Jesus also called attention to himself, that he is the true temple of God, not made by human hands.

This true temple makes visible what God the Father wants – to be with us, through Jesus Christ his Son in unity with the Holy Spirit. “This is why he said he could raise the temple in three days, that is, by his sacrifice and his death on the cross, and his resurrection on the third day.

“We need to focus and prioritize, and not let our other desires distract us from God. Jesus wants us to follow him to the end, and if we are steadfast and faithful in discipleship, it doesn’t matter what people say. Jesus will come to claim us at the time of the end. Let’s make it our only goal at Mass today, ”he said.

After communion, Father Liew presented the certificates of excellence to each student. He also thanked the catechists and parents for their commitment to helping children grow in their Catholic faith.

“The commitment of parents (to bring their children to catechism) is fundamental and obligatory for our Christian life, and for the development of a solid foundation of our Catholic faith.

“Likewise, those who contribute through education encourage children to share and be generous with their talents,” he said.

The congregation warmly applauded all the children as well as the catechists and parents.

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