Daventry MP joins golden celebrations at Daventry Catholic Church


The service was held at St Augustine’s, London Road, on Sunday.

Father James Cassidy, parish priest, said the highlight of the service was the use of incense.

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Chris Heaton-Harris, MP for Daventry, with Father James Cassidy and Jim Hyland, Secretary of the Catholic Parish Council.

“It was used to incense the building and the people, a sign of prayers rising to God, and also of the dignity of the faithful,” he said.

“Everyone enjoyed the service, and it was good to be together after the forced separation due to Covid. We were together in worship and also at the reception afterwards.

The church was built in 1972, the congregation moving from New Street Church, which had been the high school.

For the previous 30 years they used a church converted from the stables of the “Rifleman” public house.

Father James Cassidy and Father Allan Jones (Deputy Priest) with Malcom Ogle, Deputy Mayor and Cllr Lynne Taylor

Congregants came from the various Christian churches in Daventry and included the Reverend Dawn Stokes, the current Rector of Holy Cross Anglican Church, and Reverend Andy Hardwick, from the Methodist Church of Daventry.

Norman Chandler of URC Church in Long Buckby also participated.

The preacher was the Reverend Michael Webber, the former rector of Holy Cross. Also present was the Catholic Bishop of Northampton, the Rt Rev Dr David Oakley, who gave the final blessing and congratulated the congregation on the anniversary.

Former Daventry Mayor Cllr Lynne Taylor and Deputy Mayor Malcolm Ogle also attended the service.

Church parties.

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