Crosses destroyed, catechism ban, vaccine scandal



Cross and inscription “Catholic Church” removed from the facade of the church. The ban on organizing summer youth camps for catechism. Meanwhile, the vaccine scandal erupts, a sign of a lack of moral values ​​in Chinese society. Vaccinating young people in the spirit, helping them discover their faith, would help Chinese society. The considerations of a blogger priest.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – Chinese authorities have eliminated visible Christian signs, crosses and engravings for several months due to a “syncization” campaign. This adds to the ban on meetings, even in summer, with young people under the age of 18, who are also prohibited from attending mass. At the same time, the scandal of ineffective vaccines for newborns spread throughout the country. This scandal is caused by widespread corruption, by the lack of control exercised by the authorities; by protectionism for Chinese companies. Priest-blogger Shan Ren Shen Fu (“the hermit priest”) shares his thoughts on these events with our readers. In particular, he stresses that if more faith and values ​​were disseminated in Chinese society, there would be less corruption and more effective vaccines. In addition, his regret is that in China there is a concern to vaccinate children in the body, but it is forbidden to vaccinate them in the spirit, excluding them from catechism. In this way, the lack of honesty and sane conscience in society is perpetuated.

Yesterday, one of my brother priests told me on WeChat: “Brother, our bishop called me to tell me to remove the cross and the inscription ‘Catholic Church‘.” During the last two years, this confrere has worked with great difficulty. There was no church in the neighborhood, and the diocese bought a two-story store and turned it into a place of prayer for the local faithful, since then the priest immediately organized people to clean up and decorate the place. He was small, the transformation was successful and for Christmas the place was open and used.

As the saying goes: “To do something, you have to make it known!” Just like in business: who can’t hang a sign in front of their store? As a sign, on the roof of the building the priest put the cross and the inscription “Catholic Church”. However, the bishop had just attended the meeting organized by the local government, and the confrere received a phone call asking him to remove the sign which represents faith.

When he contacted me, the sign of faith had already disappeared. It had been done by people sent by the bishop or the local government – I did not ask him – but it was obvious that my brother was very sad. I believe he did not reproach the bishop for not supporting justice. What saddens him most is why the righteousness of faith does not find the freedom to coexist in society so difficult.

There is a pastor in the diocese who has received an order from the organization: the summer catechesis course must be suspended. The priest complained: my superior is the bishop, and it is only after having received the written order from the bishop to suspend the course, that I can suspend it. But ultimately, the authority is still arbitrary: some parishes do not listen, but most are under pressure and have stopped organizing summer catechesis courses.

Then, Changcheng Biotech vaccine scandal in Changchun exploded. Two years ago, regarding the case of Shandong’s’ ineffective vaccine ‘, I wrote at the end of an article:’ In the great debate on ‘ineffective vaccines’, the most urgent thing to which he must think about is whether this country has lost the truth, and what is the truth that lives in people’s hearts? We should find it and get it back … Unfortunately, He (God) has not been found, nor followed, indeed it has been decided that we can do without Him and exclude Him ”.

The freedom of [professing]religious faith is a right that the Constitution gives to everyone. When a child does not have autonomous power of choice, his natural parents or legal guardians have the right to let their children receive the religion of their ancestors. If this reality does not exist, state law is clearly violated. Therefore, no organization has the power to prevent or limit a person’s free search and choice to pursue a religious faith.

In addition, religious faith is the basis for training people with a righteous conscience. Just like a child is vaccinated to prevent disease, conscience can prevent people from making mistakes in the future. I dare not say that there is no evil among all believers, but we can believe that even a bad believer feels bound in his heart to the law of God.

After the emergence of the Changcheng Changshun vaccine case, how many young parents lamented and complained that they found Changchun Changsheng’s name on the children’s vaccine list! In this case of bodily and spiritual injuries to children, oversight by the responsible government departments has proved futile, creating new problems in the area.

For the child’s body there is a problem with the vaccines, but for the spirit, the vaccine of faith is rejected. Thus, Chinese children suffer double harm, which is rare in the world! What family does not have children? It’s really hard to understand!

As long as the authorities can continue to blindly lie, human life will never be safe. After the vaccine problem in Changchun, some places immediately announced that their city had not purchased the drugs lately to reassure the public. Still, some residents immediately uploaded pictures of Changchun’s vaccine that was on the epidemic prevention site: it’s really a direct slap in the face, because the hospital that used the vaccine is in that town.

A vaccine is dangerous if it has no effect. What can we say about the danger of faith? If Chinese children are “castrated” from an early age and prevented from receiving the faith in God that naturally exists in the human mind, then in a world without God, generation after generation, the tragedies that violate the depths of conscience human will inevitably continue.

The small place of prayer created by my colleague made the happiness of many local faithful. But now, this place without the symbol of the cross and without being able to organize catechesis, in addition to the imposition of an adulterated vaccine, suffers serious damage. The priest’s pain for the removal of the cross is not comparable to a parental concern for the vaccination of their children, and the fear of possible death or disability (of course, this does not negate the pain of the Church for the oppression suffered). Full of confusion and regret, I ask myself: in China, who can finally “violently pluck flowers (that is, obtain good results with violent means)? …



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