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Following last year’s “virtual” Bible study on Zoom, Community Bible Study, the international non-denominational Bible study with two classes at Estes Park, is ready to meet again in person when classes begin in week two September.

“But,” says Robbi Telfer, director of evening class education, “we’re ready to go back to ‘virtual’ if we need to. “We actually like to think of it as a spin,” laughs the new day class director of education, Alyssa Bergman, “a leap of faith in planning an in-person meeting, but also ready. to do some fancy maneuvers in the air if we are to get back to Zoom.

“Regardless of the course format, this year’s study is shaping up to be what people need to hear right now: the truth that even when the world seems to fall apart, our lives are united in the Lord Jesus Christ, ”Telfer said. “We are studying nine different letters to first century believers, and I think we will be amazed at how the times and problems they faced are so similar to ours, and how the message of hope to them. addressed speaks to us so clearly. today.”

“And it’s not just a mix of a bunch of different letters,” Bergman adds. “Each letter speaks of the same truth that God is still working in our lives, that he has called us to share his life with one another, and that he himself is all we need to do all that we need to do. ‘he asks us to do. This is going to be such an encouraging study for these times that we are going through. “

“Yes,” agrees Telfer. “And each letter will open up new ways of seeing and living together. It is a surprisingly timely study. We hope people will join us, whether we’re in person or on Zoom. And in fact, our evening course already offers in-person and Zoom core groups, so people can sign up for the type of course that meets their needs right now. And then we’ll see what the Lord has in mind on September 13th. “

Community Bible Study is a 30-week study that runs from mid-September to the end of April, with a Christmas break. There are two CBS classes at Estes Park. The mixed evening class for men, women and teens meets in person on Mondays from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at their new location: Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church, 2000 Ptarmigan Trail (next to Good Samaritan Village), from September 13. “Virtual” base groups are also available. The teenage core meets Tuesday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. at the Christian Church on US Route 36, starting September 14.

The day class, for women and children, meets Tuesday mornings from 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., at Mountain View Bible Fellowship at Highway 7 and Peak View, starting September 14.

For more information on the courses – and to find out if they are pirouetting – please contact Nicole Cousineau ([email protected]) for today’s course details, or Sallie Brackman, [email protected]) for the night classes.



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