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Church of England bishop resigns to join Roman Catholic Church

Posted on Sep 3, 2021

[Archbishop of Canterbury] The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has, with regret, accepted the resignation of Bishop Jonathan Goodall after eight years as Bishop of Ebbsfleet, following his decision to seek full fellowship with the Roman Catholic Church.

Welby said, “I am deeply grateful to Bishop Jonathan for his ministry and his many years of faithful service. My prayers are with him and Sarah, both for his future ministry and for the direction in which they are called on their continued journey of dedicated service to Christ.

“With respect to the Ebbsfleet seat, we will begin a process of consultation with colleagues and others – including the parishes in which Bishop Jonathan is ministering – to determine what the next steps will be.”

Goodall said: “I did not come to the decision to leave my post as Bishop of Ebbsfleet, in order to be received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, until after a long period of prayer, which was one of the most trying times of my life. life.

“Living in the fellowship of the Church of England has shaped and nourished my disciple life as a Catholic Christian for many decades. It was there that I received for the first time – and for half of my life I have exercised, as priest and bishop – the sacramental grace of Christian life and faith. I will always cherish this and be grateful for it. I trust you to believe that I have made my decision to say yes to God’s current call and invitation, and no to say no to what I have known and experienced in the Church of England. , to which I owe such a deep debt. “

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