Catholics, teach catechism to your children at home


The conclusions of the second National Conference of the Family Pastoral Committee, held in September. Faced with the challenges of the consumer society, the commitment of parents is required: “If pastoral care is done well at home, we will have seven million schools for teaching catechism and transmitting the faith in modern society.

Ho Chi Minh City (AsiaNews) – The Pastoral Committee of Families of the Vietnamese Episcopal Conference organized in September 2011 the Second Conference for all the committees of the 26 dioceses of the country. The meeting took place at the pastoral center of the archdiocese and brought together, in addition to the bishops, six Catholic associations, 27 priests, two nuns and 46 lay people. To open the meeting, the President of the Family Pastoral Committee, Msgr. Joseph of the Diocese of Đà Nẵng, declared in his homily: “Today, the development of technology and science is very rapid in our society. However, human development, and the relationships between family members have not followed this evolution. Moreover, consumerism is eroding the moral and cultural basis of the Vietnamese family. Many Catholics risk seeing their faith waver. And that is why the Church tackles these social problems. . We must therefore work as disciples of Jesus.

The Vietnamese government controls the country’s education system. Schools and universities mainly focus on practical knowledge and teach students how to earn a living, and attach no particular importance to a humanistic education for children and young people.

Two lay people illustrated the challenges currently facing the family, in which many parents are not ready to face social changes. “Many Catholics in our diocese have become ‘hardened’ and ‘cooled’ in their faith. Many parents have entrusted the education of their children entirely to the public school. money in the morning and come home late at night, when their children are already asleep Many do not understand their children, because there is no communication between parents and children.

During the meeting, they discussed the need for “young couples to be formed to know how to educate their children, teach them catechism at home and transmit the faith to them. In addition, parish priests should help families and immigrants in this respect. Priests must remind lay people to pray with their children at home”.

This is the allusion provided by the pastoral letter of the Vietnamese Episcopal Conference of 2010, “The Assembly of the People of God”. During the meeting, it was emphasized that in order to strengthen the faith of children and adults, Catholics must use their homes as a place of teaching: “If pastoral activities are done well at home, we will have seven million schools to teach catechism and transmit the faith in modern society”, was the conclusion.


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