‘Catholic Evangelista’ Sonja Corbitt Reaches Over 1 Million in ‘Bible Study Evangelista’ Podcast Uploads and Attracts Over 10,000 Catholics for This Weekend’s ‘Spiritual Gifts’ Virtual Conference


‘Catholic Evangelista’ Sonja Corbitt Reaches Over 1 Million in ‘Bible Study Evangelista’ Podcast Uploads and Attracts Over 10,000 Catholics for This Weekend’s ‘Spiritual Gifts’ Virtual Conference

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May 4, 2022

NASHVILLE, May 4, 2022 /Standard Newswire/ — International Catholic speaker, author of 7 books on scripture, and “Catholic Evangelist,” Sonja Corbitt not only loves teaching the Word of God, she loves teaching it to Catholics and igniting their hearts in Scripture, Mother Mary, the Eucharist and Holy Mother Church. Growing up as a Southern Baptist, Corbitt converted to Catholicism in 2006 and started her ‘Bible Study Evangelista’ PODCAST in 2014, now ranked #3 in the top ‘Catholic Bible Podcast’ on Amazon Audible worldwide. after Jeff Cavins and Fr. Mike Schmitz, and shared her conversion story on EWTN’s “The Journey Home” and “Women of Grace” TV series. With over a million downloads worldwide, “Bible Study Evangelista” podcasts are often listened to “on the go” – while doing laundry, exercising or washing the car, and are available through Apple , Android, Google, Amazon Audible, Amazon Fire, Spotify, TuneIn and more. In 2019, his “Bible Study Evangelista” podcasts were added as a core feature to “Laudate App” on Apple and Google Play Store.

Sonja’s unique approach to Scripture through thematic Bible studies for Catholics that are clearly relevant to contemporary life has led to the growth of her ministry and the success of her podcast, and made She is an ideal guest on the following topics:

  • ACTIVATE YOUR GOD-GIVED SPIRITUAL GIFTS: Corbitt shares the power of the Holy Spirit beyond his successful podcasts, through his in-person and virtual events. This weekend, she is reaching out to over 10,000 Catholic women as the speaker and MC of the upcoming FREE Catholic Women’s Conference 2022 (VIRTUAL) “Activate Your God-Given Spiritual Gifts” taking place from 5-7 May 2022, responding to encouragement from Pope Francis. this week in his general audience address to share the importance of delving into the scriptures. Corbitt devotes his Friday night “LIVE SESSION” to examples from the Book of Ruth on the importance of using our God-given spiritual gifts. Corbitt has developed a “Fresh Wind” podcast in-depth study series on spiritual gifts based on this event and an online quiz on spiritual gifts, both available FREE through Pentecost.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF DAILY SCRIPTURE FOR CATHOLICS: By delving into the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” and Church documents, such as “De Verbum” on Sacred Scripture, Corbitt was edified learn that the Lord’s “one table” includes both the Scriptures and the Eucharist (CCC 103, DV21), and she emphasizes and teaches about both through her podcast.
  • EUCHARIST: Her familiarity with Old Testament types in scripture and her desire to be closer to Christ eventually led her to a “eucharistic account” which led her to receive Holy Communion with Him and His Church.
  • SPIRITUAL NEEDS: While Corbitt was religious education director for her parish, she quickly realized the need for simpler ways for busy Catholics to experience the transforming power of Scripture, so she began writing , speak, podcast and host television series in an effort to nurture Catholics with the Word of God. Sonja hosts her own “Evangelista Bible Study” series with CatholicTV, and her new Shalom TV series “Just Rest” begins airing in June. His most popular series have been on spiritual themes included in several of his books, dealing with:

    • Activate your God-given spiritual gifts (Spiritual Gifts Conference, May 5-7, 2022)

    • Freedom from fear and anxiety (“Fearless”, Ave Maria Press, 2016)

    • How the Holy Spirit works through patterns in your life, such as anger and self-medication (“Unleashed”, Ave Maria Press, 2015)

    • Healing the wound of the father through Saint Joseph

    • Healing from an injury (“Just Rest”, Ave Maria Press, 2021)

    • How Mary’s Magnificat can transform our lives (Exalted, Ave Maria Press, 2019)

    • “How to pray like Mary” (Ascension Press, 2019)

    • The Biblical Foundations of Catholicism (“Accomplished”, Ascension Press, 2018)

    • How to Start Studying the Scriptures (“Ignite: Read the Bible Like Never Before,” co-authored with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Servant Books/Franciscan Media, 2017)

  • BLESSED MOTHER MARY: Through her writing for Magnificat magazine, her study of Mary’s Magnificat in the Bible and her meditations on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, Sonja came to realize that Mary had a definite method of prayer. Corbitt was so intrigued by Mary’s prayer life, as explained in the Pope Benedict XVI General Audience, during which Pope Benedict XVI called Mary the “mother of prayer”, which she developed ” LOVE the Word®”, a method of praying with the scriptures called “the best modernization of lectio” (lectio divina) by former associate editor of Thomas Nelson Publishing. Now Corbitt is helping us learn “How to Pray Like Mary”, also the theme of Corbitt’s book of the same name.

“Every Catholic needs food from the Word of God in digestible portions,” Corbitt says. “That’s why I refer to my podcast and my ministry as ‘Bible study spinach that tastes like cake’.”

Sonja Corbitt is available for interviews. Contact MaryKatherine Bushey at [email protected] or (484) 273-1837. Learn more at BibleStudyEvangelista.com.

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