Catholic Church-run daily raises concerns over interfaith marriages – The New Indian Express


By Express press service

KOCHI: Deepika, the Malayalam daily run by the Catholic Church, on Tuesday expressed serious concerns over the escape of Joisna Joseph and MS Shejin. The editorial titled “Questions Raised by Kodanchery” in the daily said people should ask why certain marriages are sparking controversy in a state where thousands of interfaith unions take place.

“It’s not just Christians who are concerned about interfaith marriages involving young Muslims. All Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities should reflect on this. Otherwise, innocent people in the Muslim community will be blamed for the threat posed by extremist Muslim organizations,” he said, adding, “Instead of threatening Joisna’s family in the name of secularism and religious harmony , the mysteries surrounding the incident should be lifted. ”

The editorial expressed concern over accusations from political parties and the media alleging attempts to disrupt communal harmony in the state. He also said that doubts have been raised whether Shejin and Joisna are an innocent love story.

“Why was Joisna repeatedly calling someone to return the money she had borrowed? Who is this leader who borrowed money from him and refused to return it? If he was in love with her, what was the need to hold her back and threaten her as heard in the phone call (made by the girl’s sister)? ” he asked.


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