Catholic Church Chooses To Return To Virtual Services Rather Than Apply Latest Vaccination Requirement



Following the government’s vaccination policy requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test result to be allowed entry into a public building, the Catholic Church of Guyana has decided to go back to virtual services rather than enforcing the policy.

In a statement to members of the Catholic Church, Bishop Francis Alleyne announced the decision, stressing that places of worship are covered by the new requirement and that this would mean church members would have to provide their proof of vaccine. or a negative test result to be allowed to enter the church.

He said the new measures would mean that many members might not be allowed to enter the church because they are not vaccinated and the church should not leave a body part detached from the whole.

Bishop Francis said that from next Friday all worship sessions will be held virtually and the Catholic Church will be closed to public worship until further notice.

He told Catholic worshipers that the Body of Christ has so far been vigilant in adhering to pandemic precautions, including wearing masks, disinfection and distancing. He said science should be trusted as the nation strives to get more people vaccinated in a bid to achieve collective immunity.

While encouraging the unvaccinated to reconsider their decision, Bishop Alleyne said they must act for the common good and remain vigilant.



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