Cardinal Dolan explains how the Catholic Church helps Ukrainian refugees


NEW YORK — Christian leaders met with Cardinal Timothy Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown on Thursday to discuss how the The Catholic Church reacts to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The church says efforts are underway to help refugees and those displaced by the Russian invasion.

“This requires solidarity from around the world,” said Archbishop of Philadelphia for Ukrainian Catholics Borys Gudziak.

Gudziak was born in New York, but as the son of Ukrainian immigrants, he says his heart is heavy seeing the horrific images coming out of his parents’ homeland.

Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan provides update on Catholic Church efforts to help Ukrainians


“Three point five million refugees in one month. Seven million internally displaced residents,” Gudziak said. “They can’t survive without help. At the end of this weekend, 25 million people helpless.”

Dolan says he called the gathering of religious leaders to keep hope alive and step up efforts to help refugees and those displaced by the Russian invasion.

The Catholic Church estimates that all dioceses combined have contributed more than $50 million in aid.

“There is real unity in relief, bringing the Ukrainian people the supplies and relief they need,” Dolan said.

“We are continuing with partners on the ground to try to provide financial assistance where we can in Ukraine,” said Bishop Peter Vaccari, president of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. “We work in neighboring countries. Hungary, Slovakia.”

Religious leaders spoke at a new exhibit – a Ukrainian cross and flag – placed inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which has traveled the world for two decades and is a source of hope.

On Friday, Pope Francis will lead a global prayer for peace in Ukraine.

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