Bible study videos help couples get to know Jesus

Valéria dos Santos Silva, 29, and Carlos Alexandre Mendonça da Silva, 38, began their Bible research after searching the web for Bible research movies and finding TV Novo Tempo. There they began to commit to discovering and, over time, sharing God’s love with their families.

“I [encountered]Novo Tempo in 2019. Sooner or later, I felt the need to seek God more; I didn’t know how to do this until the Holy Spirit touched my heart and spoke in my mind to search for something on YouTube because until then I was only using the tool for insignificant things that didn’t did not educate. me. Something. I started looking for the ‘Bible Search’ toolbar and the very first thing that confirmed me was the Simple Bible program,” Valeria recalls.

At the same time, Valeria began reviewing and sharing the Bible with her husband, who was beginning to learn. At first, she did not imagine that a web search could lead to necessary revelations, but she neither gave up nor allowed it. “I got lost in my work thinking of where he was, close to him. I would obey him with the paperback open to this system, always opening it to an amount he could hear too,” she says.

His wife used certain strategies to gain her husband’s consideration for her work. “There were times during labor when I knew I could get his attention. I pressed ‘Pause’, flipped the video a bit more to let him know what he was thinking and asked him what he was thinking. So that piqued his curiosity. We learned more about this subject, which until then was completely new to us. In a short time Then, we watched the work collectively day by day.


After conducting about 30 biblical research with the help of Jair Mendonça and his wife, Maria, who dispelled their doubts, the couple decided to be baptized. It was a new second for Valeria. “Our baptism was very special. It happened on a river because the church was not open due to the pandemic.

The couple had been baptized inside Amazonas during the pandemic.

From then on, they no longer kept their new information to themselves; started sharing with family and friends. “First, we talked about what God has accomplished and done in our lives and provided to work with,” explains Alexandre. The main one was achieved through messaging apps. “We used to submit the work by sending the link via WhatsApp and asking people to watch it and then giving us suggestions on what they considered the work or if there were still questions. “

However, this technique was not very effective. “We decided to provide to undergo the study in person. We went to the individual sooner or later a week and did all of this collectively. So we noticed that we were going in the right direction,” explains Alexandre.


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