Baltimore Catechism

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The successors of the Apostles in America have been discussing the Eucharist in recent days, as if the Church had not already spoken definitively of the source and summit of the Faith. Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford explores how the bishops, once again, have wasted your money pointlessly debating a settled question of faith.

For the past few days, the USCCB has been writing and debating unnecessarily on a document of “Eucharistic coherence”. It’s the heart and soul of their meeting here in Baltimore. The document says absolutely nothing about not giving the Eucharist to child killers.

Many wonder why it was necessary for the bishops to meet here in Baltimore in the first place. The Church has already spoken of who can and who cannot receive the Eucharist. They could just copy and paste what the Church teaches, but instead they abandon tradition in favor of tolerance.

Ironically, the Baltimore Catechism, at paragraph 255, teaches the following about the Eucharist: “He who receives Communion in mortal sin receives the Body and Blood of Christ but does not receive His grace, and he commits a great sacrilege.”

Most bishops have no respect for canon law. Paraphrasing how a bishop told me in the hotel lobby, the 915 canon is not black and white – you can approach the canon in different ways. But a closer look at the 915 canon completely rules that out.

Here it is: “Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others stubbornly persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.” What’s so difficult about it?

In fact, this bishop’s opinion and the whole reason for this eucharistic coherence meeting is totally inconsistent.

Estimates of the total cost of the bishops’ trip to Baltimore — over a million dollars.

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